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What kind of math is this?

Solve this is math equation: how does 100-10=100?

Here is another: if 5+2=1, then how does 5+2-1=5,000?

You are probably looking at this and saying “What kind of stupid equation is this?” “There is no way to solve this. The answers don’t even make sense.”

This is not some equation where you need a calculus formula, or trigonometry principle to get to these answers. Nor is it the new Common Core math. So what kind of math is this?

These are examples of God’s Kingdom Math, which is a multiplying math, and it works in the principle of faith giving. And God’s Kingdom Math does not have the same structural restrictions that math on Earth has to operate under. In fact it supersedes earthly math as it has faith in God as its operating principle.

God cannot multiply what you keep to yourself

God is not a hoarder of the riches He has created. He wants to share them with His children. He created those riches, as well as you, for Him to be able to give them to you to enjoy. So what you place in His hands gives God opportunity to multiply beyond any human ability, either to meet the need presented, or in giving back to you as a blessing.

The answer to the first equation

To solve the first math problem, you have to use the principle of the tithe. When you take the tithe, 10% of your income, and give it to the Lord, God is able to multiply it so that the 90% that is left becomes the same as the 100% you had before you tithed.

God is in the multiplying business. The only way that you have a loss of what you have earned is if you are under a curse for not giving the tithe to start with, which is stealing. Being under the curse of stealing from God allows the devil to play havoc in your finances.

The giving of the tithe places your finances under God’s umbrella of protection and blessing.

The answer to the second equation

To solve the second math problem you have to use the principle of giving. It can be giving to someone in need, or even as an offering to a ministry of the Lord.

In the gospels, we have the stories of the Lord feeding the 5,000, and then later the 4,000. In John chapter 6, concerning the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus takes 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish from one lad and turns them into tons of food, enough to feed 5,000 men, plus any women and children that were there as well. So instead of 5 loaves and 2 fish only feeding one lad, God took what the lad gave up and multiplied it to feed the multitude.

God never leads you to give but that He has already prepared the blessing for your giving. It is all been preplanned.

The Lord leading you to give is really getting you to operate in faith. Jesus was testing the disciples to see if they had faith the God would meet the needs of the 5,000. It was also a test for the young lad in his giving.

The lad was probably on the way to grandma’s house to spend the night and had brought him some snack to eat along the way. Then, being an inquisitive boy, he probably got sidetracked on the way to grandma’s house upon seeing the multitude, and he joined them to see what was going on, maybe even hoping to see a circus act.

No doubt he was surprised at what he saw, and especially later on when the disciples would ask for his little bit of food for the Lord. He may have even had thought “How could Jesus be so poor as not to be able to provide a meal for Himself?”

Whatever he was thinking, he obeyed the Holy Spirit and gave the food up. He probably thought how cool it would be if he, a boy from the country, on the way to grandma’s house, was able to feed the Lord Jesus Himself with his little bit of food.

But here was the surprise for the lad. Not only was Jesus fed, but His disciples as well, plus 5,000 more, plus himself. Not only that, but there were 12 baskets of fragments left over. Even the leftovers were more than the lad had to start with. Everyone was fed!

Not only were they all fed, but when the lad went back on his way to grandma’s house, because of the abundance of leftovers, he probably left carrying more than the 5 loaves and 2 fish that he came with so that grandma could be blessed as well.

God took what was placed in His hands by faith and did His thing. Again, He is in the multiplying business to bless His creation.

The need was known beforehand and blessing was preplanned

The key here is found in verse 6,”… for He Himself knew what He would do.” It was all preplanned. God had made provision in Heaven for the needed food, even before there was the need. There is unlimited ability in Heaven to make anything needed on Earth. That’s how awesome the Kingdom of God is.

Jesus knew the Father’s plan, and when He took the food, and presented it to the Father, with a blessing, God responded to His obedient faith and met the need. Jesus knew the Father’s plan because He kept in touch with the Father all the time. He was in constant prayer, in the "Secret Place of the Most High" all the time, so the Father was able to relay to Jesus what He had planned.

The key to solving the these two math problems was in the giving

God can do nothing about your situation without your first placing what you have in His hands. The widow at Zarephath found this principle out (I Kings 17:8-16). Those who tithe can verify what the Lord says He will do when we give (Malachi 3:10&11). People who give offerings can testify to the blessings that follow (Luke 6:38).

Even when we give our lives and all we own to follow the Lord there is a multiplied blessing (Luke 10:29&30).

Proverbs 11:24&25; 13:7 verify that what you give away is always returned to you in greater amount than what you give.

There is a guaranteed return on your investment.

Where you place your earthly goods looking for a return on your investment all depends on whom you put your trust and what amount of return on your investment you are looking for. The thing about earthly investing is that there is no real guarantee of return. Investors can give you a history of their past performance as an indicator of what they may do for you, but there is no way they can offer a guarantee.

But God can! After all, He controls the investment return market. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills as well as all the gold and silver that is here on Earth. He created it so He owns it. Man may possess temporarily for God, but He controls who ends up with it.

This is not even counting what other riches there are stored up for men in Heaven, to be distributed when our faith comes calling for them.

Yes, God created Kingdom Math for our benefit

God not only created this math as an avenue to bless us, but God uses this math as a way to change our thinking from worldly to Heavenly. After all, as believers, we are now citizens of the Kingdom of God and need to learn to operate under its principles.

By giving in faith, we not only allow God to work His Kingdom Math to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth, but it also prepares us to be able to operate by faith in the Kingdom of God when we reach Heaven at the end of our journey here on Earth.

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