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Bible Focus Verses

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Bible Focus verses are selected verses from the Word of God designed to get a grasp of some important truths to live your life by. Insights into Godly instruction, Christian living and spiritual warfare are just a few of the objectives of these verses.

They are called focus verses because your are to focus upon them – meditate on them, speak them out loud, go over them in your mind, memorize them, talk about them, and apply them. These verses are good for family or group Bible study. They are to be on your mind morning, noon, and evening. You need to get them in your spirit so that the enemy will have no advantage over you.

Are these all of the verses you need to know? No, but, if you have these in your spirit, they will carry you a long way to the destiny God has for you, your family, your church, or even your nation. If you know the truths found in these verses, you will walk in the victory that our Lord Jesus gained for us and intended for us to walk in.

These verses are arranged to focus on certain truths, going from some “milk of the Word” verses to some “meat of the Word” verses. They can be focused upon in physical age groups (ages 4 through 20), or in spiritual maturity groups (letters A through Q).

To get started with the younger ones, you can implement a reward system, like placing stickers on a calendar and writing down the verses they know. Rewards for memorization is a way to gain their enthusiasm, as long as they understand the verses and are not just memorizing it for the reward. They key is getting these verses in their spirit, where the devil cannot steal them.

There are many qualified verses, which could be quoted, as the reason to know God’s Word. But, to me, there seems to be one which can sum it up, found in Proverbs 4:23. This verses states “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” If your heart, the spirit part of you, is fed the spiritual truths of God’s Word, then you will be victorious concerning all the issues of life that come your way.

Bible Focus Verses PDF
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