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Additional Insights

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I've created this page as an additional resource for you filled with specific insights that the Lord has revealed to me. My hope is that you gain a greater perspective on these issues and increase the intimacy of your spiritual walk.

God's Creation Covenant
Download PDF • 232KB

So just who is a Christian
Download PDF • 124KB

Healing is an earthly issue
Download PDF • 121KB

The Gospel-just what is it
Download PDF • 152KB

What is the Scripture of Truth
Download PDF • 266KB

Why two crucifixions
Download PDF • 174KB

Man - the Game piece of the Earth
Download PDF • 249KB

Overcoming the fear of death
Download PDF • 236KB

God Verifies His Word
Download PDF • 219KB

Understanding operating with the Mind of Christ
Download PDF • 206KB

The deformed and darkened Earth at creation
Download PDF • 149KB

The Importance of Discerning of Spirits
Download PDF • 146KB

The Connection Between Responsibility, Authority, Power, and Accountability
Download DOCX • 69KB

Faith - The First Step is on You
Download PDF • 151KB

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